Stucky is a character that appears in House of 1000 Corpses.

Stucky appears at the beginning of House of 1000 Corpses, when he is talking to Captain Spaulding. He mentions that Jackie Cobb likes to "whack his weasel and twist a sharpened pencil in his eye". He also tells a story about how Jackie "got caught with a Dr. Zaius, Planet of the Apes doll shoved up his asshole and had to be sent to the hospital".

Stucky then goes to restroom and two masked robbers, Killer Karl and Richard Wick entered into Captain Spaulding's museum armed, with intention to rob Spaulding. Killer Karl attempts to intimidate Spaulding, while Wick gets Stucky out of the bathroom. Stucky recognizes Richard, as "the guy who works at the hardware store and that everyone calls him 'Little Dick Wick'". This makes Wick upset and he takes his mask off, which falls onto the floor. The mascot, Ravelli bursts in and hits Karl with an axe. Spaulding shoots Wick in the head with a revolver, and then finishes Karl off with the quote, "First of all, fuck you!". Spaulding then complains that they got blood all over his clown shoes.

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