Captain Spaulding's sidekick. Ravelli is a large, grotesque man who often wears a giant clown mask and is the mascot for Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen. It is through his strength in which the cart moves when visitors go aboard on the MurderRide .

Ravelli suffers from eczema (a skin condition causing rashes all over the body), therefore is almost always covered head to toe in a white cream. He is, like Spaulding, a crazed killer. This is confirmed when he ambushes Killer Karl and hits him in the back with a large axe, there is 1 thing unknown about Ravelli, it's whether or not he works for or is part of the FireFly Family, he is presumed not to, but his association with Captain Spaulding makes it a possibility, his name is not given in House of 1000 corpses, but is in a way given in Devils rejects when the list of Groucho Marx characters is seen with the alias Ravelli