Bill conversing with Captain Spaulding.

William "Bill" Hudley is a character in House of 1000 Corpses. Not much is known about Bill. He and his friend Jerry Goldsmith were writing a book on odd roadside attractions, taking their girlfriends along for the ride, when they stopped for gas at Captain Spaulding's, and took the   Murder Ride. Jerry wants to find out more about Deadwood and Dr. Satan (S. Quentin Quale). They decide to go, but end up taking Baby Firefly to Firefly Farmhouse. However, their tire is shot out by Rufus, and they forced to come inside. Baby flirts with him. After Baby flirts with him during The Firefly Family's Halloween performances, Bill's girlfriend, Mary, is angered and the teenagers leave. However, Otis assults Bill and he is brought back to the house.  Otis killed and mutilated Bill and he was subsequently turned into 'Fishboy', a sculpture that resembled the Fiji mermaid.

He is portrayed by Rainn Wilson.


House of 1000 Corpses

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